Unforgetable sensations of Sardinia

Unique wines, that weave you a picture of an island rich in charm, culture and history.

Our winery founded in Terralba in Sardinia a town rich in history, culture and winemaking traditions which preserves the viticultural heritage handed down over the gerations.
We coltivate and produce Terralba's Bovale wine and other inportant Sardinian grape vines such as Cannonau, Monica and Vermentino.

Our wine production respect the surrounding territory and we like to think of them as drops od tradizions.

Cantina del Bovale di Tuveri Tatiana Mary
| C.F. TVRTNM74H52Z404D | P.IVA 01074850957
Loc. S’Isca s/n - 09098 Terralba (OR) | Cell 346 0573346 | Email info@cantinadelbovale.it
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