A company that raises the territory.
Quality wines that express the culture of the island

In Sardinia at Terralba (a town full of history, culture and grape-growing and wine-making traditions) as a continuation of the old family activity, after some 10 years of wine-making experimentation, La Cantina del Bovale was founded.
The project, ambitious and well-defined, is to preserve part of the wine-making heritage already existing locally, making the most of the production, in particular, of the native wine: namely the Bovale.

To this end it is considered very important to preserve old vineyards of free-standing vines, which are still able to give us excellent grapes. Apart from the Bovale we grow other important Sardinian vine types: Cannonau, Monica and Vermentino.

The vineyards are worked with the aim of obtaining a yeald limited to about 1.2 kilos of grapes per plant. Careful attention is paid also to the picking and then to the wine-making process so that, thanks to modern technology together with the skill and know-how of the oenologist, wines are produced that fully respect the grapes and the land they come from.

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